At New Generation Secondary School, their initial project was a bread-retailing business.

Club members procured bread from the Tip Top Bread factory in Lira and sold it to students in the school. They realised a sh36,00 weekly profit. However, after a few weeks, the business collapsed due to a lack of market for bread in the school.

The financial club then resolved to acquire a hair clipper to run a barbershop. The members secured sh15,000 loan from the school which they used to buy shaving equipment. They are currently running a barbershop and earn sh19,000 every weekend, 30% of which goes to the school as part of the loan payment agreement.

At Lira Greenhill Secondary School, the club is running a baking business. The 56 club members contributed sh1,000 each, which the club invested in the enterprise. The club patron taught the students how to bake.

The club is currently producing cakes and chapati which are sold sh100 and sh200 respectively. The club earns a profit of sh9,000 per week and currently have sh35,000 on their account, which they plan to invest in a liquid soap making business.