Media Based financial literacy was an innovative project where students and teachers were trained financial literacy in a simplified manner through media.

The project kicked off by training secondary school teachers about money matters, how to use newspapers in classrooms and how to transfer knowledge to communities. The project was developed through a grant contract awarded by ResilientAfrica Network/Makerere School of Public Health in collaboration with USAID in 2016.

The innovation aimed to empower the young generation with financial knowledge and skills by using newspapers as a teaching tool. The innovation used a unique approach where the students were the change agents. The project mentored young people to learn managing their finances and succeed young. From the lessons learned, the students took the changes into the community, taught community members the skills learned from the project thus created not only financially astute communities but a generation of thinkers and innovators.

Schools formed financial literacy clubs. Students carried out financial literacy community outreach activities especially to parents to save money in SACCOS, innovate and manage business enterprises in schools.

  • 2000 students were directly reached as club members.
  • 50 teachers trained as trainers in financial literacy
  • 25 schools with an average of 500 students each school
  • 11,000,000/= UGX (Eleven million shillings only) so far collected and invested by students themselves.